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About Naamika

Who Am I?

Naamika has been my nickname ever since I can remember, so has been my fascination and search for what is love ~ A word that has so many books and songs written about it. What and where is it in my life? Do I have a true choice or have I been brought up to think I know what I love? Having been fascinated by the spiritual world and manifesting it here on earth, my character wouldn’t let me sit still and I began my journey in search of my truth within.

Years, people and experiences went by all taught me and still are. My journey led me deeper into the spirit world, healing, and creation and now arriving to this wonderful place in my life creating from Spirit to Matter. My inspirations come from the realms of the Divine~ meditations of Sacred Geometry other known as Geomancy. Translating them into universal symbols of healing. A deep path through the heart.



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