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OK OK OK SO NOW I AM READY TO SHARE ~ I had an amazing and wonderful privilege ~ meeting Nahko Bear. SO as I have told you’ll before I am super, deeply connected to his music and lyrics. ever since i first heard him about 4 months ago i have been pumping it in my stereo while I create the healing symbols I sing with him and this helps to put even more intention into something so miraculous already.

SO as soon as I heard that he is coming to Israel I knew I will be there and envisioned myself giving him the Source healing symbol (not knowing if it is for him or for him to give). I might as well open small shop and share my art for the first time with the tribe.

The shop became a shrine ~ and it is unexplainable in words except – just perfect as it was. Beautiful people and beautiful minds and heart ~ opening up – When we do what we love and believe and the world will open up to us.

When Nahko came to my shop we had one of those long hugs that feels like eternity ~ we had our talk, our moments, our learning and sharing. He asked me to put the necklace on him ~ we hugged again dived in each others eyes.

He is my brother my lover my father and friend.
Thank you Nahko Bear for being you!

~~~~~~much love
~~~~~~~~~~~~and grace

3 Responses to #3 ~~~~~ NAHKO AND NAAMIKA

  1. ronalda / Reply

    31 August 2014 at 22:53

    Hi there
    I am Ronalda from South Africa, do you think Nahko will ever come to South Africa, me and a friend are willing to sell his tickets, please let me know. With love and light

    • Naamika / Reply

      1 September 2014 at 10:02

      Hey Ronalda ~ I am sure that if you invite him he will come ~ to a 2-3 days festival :) of light and love
      opening hearts and minds ~ ~ ~ all is possibul . contact him through his FB Nhako Bear .
      good luck

    • Jobeth / Reply

      17 January 2017 at 4:54

      Welcome Kristin! I can’t wait to see what you make on the blog!By the way, I have a grown son with As2p#ger&r8e17;s Syndrome. He is now 24, and is taking the world by storm. This year, he is graduating from college with a degree in bio-chemistry. I can’t believe how far he has come.

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