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OK OK OK SO NOW I AM READY TO SHARE ~ I had an amazing and wonderful privilege ~ meeting Nahko Bear. SO as I have told you’ll before I am super, deeply connected to his music and lyrics. ever since i first heard him about 4 months ago i have been pumping it in my stereo while I create the healing symbols I sing with him and this helps to put even more intention into something so miraculous already.

SO as soon as I heard that he is coming to Israel I knew I will be there and envisioned myself giving him the Source healing symbol (not knowing if it is for him or for him to give). I might as well open small shop and share my art for the first time with the tribe.

The shop became a shrine ~ and it is unexplainable in words except – just perfect as it was. Beautiful people and beautiful minds and heart ~ opening up – When we do what we love and believe and the world will open up to us.

When Nahko came to my shop we had one of those long hugs that feels like eternity ~ we had our talk, our moments, our learning and sharing. He asked me to put the necklace on him ~ we hugged again dived in each others eyes.

He is my brother my lover my father and friend.
Thank you Nahko Bear for being you!

~~~~~~much love
~~~~~~~~~~~~and grace

The Heart collection it up and ready ~~

Hello loved ones ~

Wow it sure has been a wild ride making my first healing symbols collection. This is a new filed for me ~ I have been exploring metal work since the beginning of 2013 and I am so thrilled to have them out. The date they will ALL be published and ready to be sold will be 1/02/14 so check it out cause there will be special offers to celebrate this motion.

What i have learned most from this collection is the rhythm of creativity and healing ~ how each symbol is like a different child ‘ has its own pace and presents to show and take me on.

I am also so move by the letters that I receive from all over the glob telling me of your wonderful healing journey of your healing pendant ~ thank you so much for being so brave to take this wonderful experience into your heart and life.

I am already in the planning of the second Naamika healing collection- this one is focused on Empowerment and i am also hoping to get into more sculpting in Stones and Wood and a bit of heavy metal work ~~ IM EXCITED!

so keep following your heart ~ it will take you to the best and most amazing life adventures ~ it will take you to you

Love Naamika

A new path for me has begun

A new path for me has begun. After a long time I am ready to reveal my inner world, ready to share. The fear of the unknown I transform to excitement a new learning adventure. My heart beating radiation of love ~ far and all around. My new way one of many to express I create I feel alive.

I begin. I see. I hear. I dream. I love. A soft whisper arrives we are love. I wake up.

Flower of the heart is one of seven healing symbols that I have brought together with the Devine ,I thank you for choosing to join me on this lovely adventure ~ Naamika

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