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About Geomancy

The word Geomancy comes from the Greek language – “Gea” earth’s soul, “mantein”, which means interpreting. Geomancy is a way to feel and connect to vital energy network composed of earth energy centers (chakras) energy channels (as lie lines and acupuncture earth meridians) energetic fields (aura). The forms of landscapes are considered to be a direct expression of the earth being in context to the plural-dimensions of the invisible life forms and the earth’s soul together.

Modern geomancy – earth healing was founded by Marko Pogacnick ~ an environmental artist and sculptor currently living in Slovenia and conducts geomancy projects around the globe.

The knowledge of modern geomancy can be used in earth healing in many different ways and levels: nature protection and reviving, planning cities and road lines, creating harmony is disturbed areas, art and more ~ I combine my geomancy practice with my art and in my jewelry designs–brining forth spirit to matter.

More Information

To read more about geomancy and Marko Pogacnik: http://www.markopogacnik.com/

Monthly meditations: http://www.lebensnetz-geomantie.de/meditation-en.html

Geomancy in Israel: israelgeomancy@gmail.com

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