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The Heart collection it up and ready ~~

Hello loved ones ~

Wow it sure has been a wild ride making my first healing symbols collection. This is a new filed for me ~ I have been exploring metal work since the beginning of 2013 and I am so thrilled to have them out. The date they will ALL be published and ready to be sold will be 1/02/14 so check it out cause there will be special offers to celebrate this motion.

What i have learned most from this collection is the rhythm of creativity and healing ~ how each symbol is like a different child ‘ has its own pace and presents to show and take me on.

I am also so move by the letters that I receive from all over the glob telling me of your wonderful healing journey of your healing pendant ~ thank you so much for being so brave to take this wonderful experience into your heart and life.

I am already in the planning of the second Naamika healing collection- this one is focused on Empowerment and i am also hoping to get into more sculpting in Stones and Wood and a bit of heavy metal work ~~ IM EXCITED!

so keep following your heart ~ it will take you to the best and most amazing life adventures ~ it will take you to you

Love Naamika

One Response to The Heart collection it up and ready ~~

  1. Francine Glasser / Reply

    13 March 2014 at 2:50

    I wish to say my story in being gifted with my Star of David healing merkaba pendant. I was on El Al returning from a brief yet wonderful first visit to Israel/family. Prior to the trip I had a Matrix Energetic Healing session, and the word and image of Merkaba stayed with me throughout my travels as a protection. I purchased my pendant aboard El Al at 36,000 feet above Earth, and I was joyfully surprised to see an esoteric beautiful symbol of love and healing being offered aboard the flight! I wore the pendant home, and it now has evolved into a healing talisman as I beaded crystals and hearts and beads with the pendant and in the morning when I awake I am bathed in its healing beauty, rainbows pouring over the merkaba onto me. I thank you Naamika for this gift and for connecting me more deeply to my Israeli pilgrimage! shalom, Francine

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