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Choosing the right pendant and necklace:

While choosing your Naamika healing pendant, material and length of necklace I encourage you to listen to your inner self. The healing symbol enables a wonderful process. The material of the pendant is a conductor between the symbol and yourself. The length of the necklace refers to different energy centers (chakras) in our body. Luckily our body knows what is right for us and has the wisdom to guide the healing energies to the place they are needed. Usually the right pendant is the first you connect with. This refers to the material and length of the necklace\pendant as well. Listen to your heart and your gut.

  • Avoid contact with perfume and liquids.

  • Keep the necklace in a dry area, a closed jewelry box or in your Naamika box (which you received with your purchase).

  • To renew the silver shine you may take your pendant to a professional goldsmith or silver jewelry store.

  • Do not bleach, put in acid or liquid of any form.

Cleansing your pendant:

The materials which create your Naamika pendant have traveled a long way from mother earth to you. It may have been an arduous journey for them that may have created a negative energy charge. With awareness to this, I energetically cleanse each and every pendent before they are sent out to you, helping them implement their mission as a healing conductor for you. In appreciation and recognition of the possibility to enjoy such precious gifts of the earth, I give a token of the material back to the earth.

Your beautiful Naamika pendant is a healing sign – meaning it is working on your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. There may come a time when you feel it is right for your pendant to be energetically cleansed. If you are not sure, sit quietly for a moment and listen to your heart and gut. Cleansing your pendant by yourself is simple. There are many methods and ways to do this – I have suggested a few. If you have found another effective way please share with us so we may all learn.

  • Place pendant in a full moon night (silver) and/or sun bath (gold) – keep it outside for 12-24 hours.

  • Place pendant in sand\earth for 24 hours – please place the sand\earth back in its place when done.

  • Affective imagery of colors – purple has transforming qualities and the white color of renewal.

  • Shower in creative imagination first in purple and then in white for as long as it feels right (around 5-10 minutes).please follow your intuition.

* Please bear in mind that your intention to healing and purification is key.

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