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 A universal healing symbol created of two golden ratios , Gods and Gayas Natures perfect equation for the begining of creation of  life ~  the fertial ground within. The perfection of the  Fertility healing symbol connects you deep in within you, to your fertile inner ground. Allowing the sprouting of a seed wheither it be a thought a felling or life – let the seed of creation with in  with ferital ground grow

The hight of the Fertility pendant is sweetly small 1.2 cm sterling silver\ 14k gold

**All healing symbols are packages with a card explaning the healing qualities of the symbol**

** All healing pendant are packaged with a description of its healing qualities**

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Product Description

During the summer of 2013 I was really fascinated by the golden ratio or as some may call it the equation of God. That perfect spiral that is everywhere around us … the rotation of the leaves of a flower , the spiral of the acorn and the snail , the geometry of our body and face …all perfect all divinely created and made .

I kept drawing these spirals everywhere and seeing them everywhere I went. I wanted to find out the deeper meaning or the new evolved healing symbol I felt was in there waiting to be reviled.

One day sitting in my bed ~ doodling spirals and spirals over and over again I made one spiral and then the mirror image of it. That’s it I got it I felt. Like a perfect fit of a puzzle it was always there.

Like a deep cave never ending never begging always there ~ a great creation and great fertile land. So round and so beautiful forever going. I a I often do I share not telling my family and loved ones of my conclusions I show them and like to see what they feel . Fertility loud and clear ~ for all in all ways imaginable it is there.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Pedant Material

Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold 14k, Rose Gold 14k, White Gold 14k

Necklace Material

No Necklace, Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold 14k, Rose Gold 14k, White Gold 14k, Cotton (light blue-gray), Cotton (Bronze), Cotton (Beige)

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