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The Source

New! The Source  

The Source

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The Source

A universal healing symbol supporting a deep cleansing

way into your inner origin and deep source which enables

.a wider observation so you may release your patterns of unknown origin

Letting go of the past so now you may have new free energy

.fits its its self to your ability and wish with great love and compation

The Source pendant hight 2 cm and width 2.43 cm

** All healing pendants arrive with a description of their healing qualities**

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Product Description

I was going through a breakthrough in my life. For a long time I was trying to figure out why I keep falling down in the same place ( this a metaphor of course) I mean once I see what I do, then I know I am on the transformation path but why do I keep doing it over and over again ? Why can’t I just get over this behavior—where is it coming from? These are the questions that kept rising in my head…

During this time my sister came to visit me telling me that she had realized something very important to tell me ~ of course this was all connected, it shocked me but then I always knew it as well. I turned Gray for three days to see if I was mad of sad or had I made peace with it a long time ago ….I was just gray.

The next day I was driving home (I love driving it puts my thoughts in place) all the thoughts flow to my head ~ and then I had realized it. I saw all my thoughts, all my actions, all my life in a small diagram in front of me – and it was the SOURCE. The root of why and how I am today. You see were all effected by the way we were brought up, were all effected for the good or bad ( if there is such a thing) and the way we are now is because of the past experiences we had. I saw all of this in the SOURCE—in the ROOT shape in front of me while I was driving. And HO MY GOD  it is a path, it took me from the top to the bottom only to realise I can come back up – free and transformed of what dose not serve me anymore. Once I know what it is I can change it I am already there where I want to be!

Now I realize and now I recognize. It is like traveling in time and space, SO with the Source you get to the root of you! It is so wonderful to realize you can change and get your power back!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Pedant Material

Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold 14k, Rose Gold 14k, White Gold 14k

Necklace Material

No Necklace, Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold 14k, Rose Gold 14k, White Gold 14k, Cotton (blue-gray)

Necklace Lengh

No Necklace, 18”/44cm, 22”/55cm, 26”/66cm

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